FRIDAY MAY 26, 2017


Congratulations to our winner of a pair of Bauer Vapor APX2 Skates worth $849.99!! We'll be posting their name shortly.

Bauer Vapor APX2 Skates have just hit retail stores. The innovative skates feature TUUK LIGHTSPEED EDGE and a one-piece stability lacing system to maximize power and more great features:

- CURV® COMPOSITE UPPER: The X-rib design provides structural support and stability throughout the boot, allowing for faster acceleration and quicker turns.  The angle of the boot is cut aggressively to allow greater forward flex.

- FORM-FIT+ FOOTBED: FORM-FIT+ performance with enhanced comfort in the toe area, including ERGO TOE-PROTECTION that can be customized to a specific player’s needs.

- TUUK LS FUSION BLADE: Revolutionary runner design fusing the strength and performance of our elite stainless steel with high-grade aluminum, significantly reducing the weight of the runner. | @BauerHockey


Thanks for your interest. The contest is now closed.