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Toronto is a multicultural hub, and with a sustained urban population and artistic community that prides itself on collaboration and interaction, it's the perfect place to host the world’s largest photography festival.

And wouldn’t you know it, it does: the CONTACT Festival, now sponsored by Scotiabank in its 14th year, kicks off feature exhibitions this week. With contributions from renowned celebrity photographer and video director David LaChapelle, Vancouver author Douglas Coupland, and revolutionary advertising satirist Barbara Kruger, CONTACT 2010 promises a rich and diverse range of ideas expressed through the medium.

The thematic focus of this year’s event has been dubbed “Pervasive Influence,” a concept that expands and honours the legacy of one of Canada’s great thinkers, the late Marshall McLuhan. Though McLuhan passed away in 1980, his theories about the way communication is delivered to the masses resonate even more in our Internet age, expressed as they were through verbal “snapshots” like “the medium is the message.” It is not simply the content, he believed, but the way it is expressed, that should be examined.

In the words of organizers, Scotiabank’s CONTACT Festival will “recognize the influence of [McLuhan] in the 30th anniversary year of his death.” That, and there will be some damn cool exhibits to inspire photography enthusiasts and novices alike, so check out our gallery for a preview, then head over to the official CONTACT page for full event listings.

Above image credits: Douglas Coupland. Prows, from the series Colour Correction. 2010. Courtesy of the artist and Clark & Faria, Toronto.

Click the numbers below to see more arresting images from the 2010 CONTACT festival.


Photograph of Marshall McLuhan. Untitled, from the exhibit Probing McLuhan.

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