There are very few men in Hollywood who have the respect of motorheads, motor enthusiasts and racers of all sorts. Paul Walker built that respect. Not only did he maintain his role as Brian O’Connor in the The Fast and The Furious franchise, but he also interacted, supported, and even competed in many motoring competitions around the world! Unfortunately, the world lost Paul Walker in November of 2013

Although he will be missed, he will never be forgotten as one of the greatest “car guys” in Hollywood. In memory of him, here is a list of some of his greatest movies that each of his fans should see.

1)  Into The Blue

Walker plays a treasure-hunting diver by the name of Jared. He and his team find themselves the prey of a drug lord after stumbling upon a massive drug shipment. In this 2005 film, Walker stars alongside Jessica Alba, Scott Caan, and Josh Brolin to make an awesome, Bahama-set action movie.

2)  Varsity Blues

Playing the part of Lance Harbor, Paul Walker acts as a 17 year old high school football player, for a high school in a small town in Texas. Lance is a star quarterback, looking to lead the team to another Division victory. His, and the team’s, plans are hindered when Lance suffers an injury. This 1999 film has come to be a well-known, and well-respected, movie in the football world.

3)  Eight Below

In 2006, Walker chose to fill a role that took him out of the California sunshine, and into the frigid temperatures of the Antarctic. Walker plays a sled dog trainer named Jerry, who undergoes an expedition right before a huge storm. The storm forces Jerry and his colleagues to leave, but they have to leave their sled dogs behind. Jerry will stop at nothing to get his beloved companions back safe… and alive!

4)  Takers

Written by the Massie twins, this 2010 film is another example of Paul Walker’s amazing action film abilities, and his astonishing character creation. As a member of a team of thieves, Walker’s character, John Rahway has been leading a life in the lap of luxury. That is, until their next job is planned and ready. An excellently villainous detective is hot on the team’s trail during this “one last” armored truck heist. With a cargo of $20 million, it’s worth the risk; right?

5)  Running Scared

We are all used to seeing Walker in seriously action-packed movies. However, he demonstrated a new complexity in this 2006 film. This mildly dark but rather edgy film created by Wayne Kramer, showed Paul Walker fans that he is anything but monotonous. Starring as the character named Joey Gazelle, Walker was a huge part in making this crime drama the thrilling box office it was.

6)  Brick Mansions

This is one of Walker’s more recent films. Yet another crime drama, Walker executes his role as Damien Collier flawlessly. Damien is a cop who teams up with an ex-con to bring down a crime lord. They have to be careful, though. In this extremely dangerous Detroit neighborhood, the crime lord has a plot to bring down the whole city! The film grossed nearly $10 million on its opening weekend, and has found huge success on Netflix.

7)  Furious 7

I think everyone in America has seen at least one of the The Fast and The Furious franchise films. I would venture to say that a good majority of the U.S. population has seen all of the films of this super-successful franchise, and that’s not considering the vast populous of other nations who have more than likely seen them. Paul Walker’s portrayal of the beloved character Brian O’Connor has been spot on since the beginning of the franchise. Now, almost 15 years after the release of the first installment, Walker’s final appearance in film is about to be released. Everyone seems excited for its release, and after seeing the trailer for Furious 7, I can’t blame them. All of the franchise fans, Paul Walker fans, and motoring enthusiasts should be lining up at the theaters on the opening day of this film.


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