Summer is quickly disappearing, and the best season is on its way! Fall, is pretty much the best season to exist… well in my mind anyway. The season brings cozier fashion, comfort food, and gorgeous natural beauty. This year, the 22nd of September was the first official day of fall, but don’t be sad that the warmer months of summer have passed, cause we’ve gone and put together a list as to why fall, is the best season EVER!

1. Fashion

Fall makes itself known by the sudden drop in temperature. So once it arrives the sweaters, scarves, boots and coats make an appearance. Because it’s not winter yet, you don’t need to be looking at massively, bulky coats to keep warm. You can try styles such as bell shaped coats, sleek overcoats, military coats, or how about a coat that you love, that’s made to fit you? Lanieri have a new collection of made-to-measure coats, that are simply to die for.

2. Halloween and Thanksgiving

Everyone loves Christmas, but it seems to get all the attention. Both Halloween and Thanksgiving are two pretty brilliant holidays. For example, everything at Halloween is pumpkin flavored and it’s fabulous. You get to spend weeks planning the most creative costume for All Hallows Eve, and obviously you get to eat your body weight in candy!

But what about Thanksgiving? The food. The food at Thanksgiving is always amazing, as are Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, and the crazy sales on Black Friday.

3. Pumpkin Spiced EVERYTHING

Pumpkin spiced latte. It’s a favorite American past time. However, these days it seems that everything in the fall is pumpkin flavored. And it’s absolutely glorious. You’ve got pumpkin spiced cupcakes, pie, cider, yogurt, pancakes and even ice cream… yes, you heard that right, ICE CREAM, in the fall! Check out some of the most perfect pumpkin spiced recipes here.

4. Pumpkins in General 

These guys are just great. You can have fun carving them up with the kids for Halloween, and use the leftovers for soups and pies.

5. Natural Beauty 

There’s just something really beautiful about this time of year, seeing the leaves change from a summery green, to a vibrant array of yellow, orange and red. Fall is perfect for taking magnificent, scenic photos of the ever changing landscape. This time of year also means that it’s neither too hot, nor too cold, to enjoy spending time outdoors.

6. Fall Scented Candles

Fall is full of beautiful scents. There always seems to be someone baking, or maybe someone’s just lit up a scented candle. You’ve got a range of scents from crisp berries and apples to spicy ground cinnamon and pumpkin to try.

7. New TV Shows

As the nights are now drawing in, and it's colder outside, most of our favourite TV shows are gearing up for the new season. The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory are back on our screens. All you need now is to grab a blanket and a hot chocolate, and snuggle down to watch your favourite programs.

Have I convinced you that fall is the best time of the year?

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