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Now that you’ve picked up all of your back to school gadgets, it’s time to load up on apps. Whether you’re on a desktop, laptop, or mobile phone, these apps will help keep you organized and productive. But it’s not all about work. We’ve included a few apps to keep you rocking out and entertained during those midnight oil burning sessions.

simplenote_logo.jpg1. Simplenote

As its name implies, Simplenote is one of the easiest to use note-taking applications around. The free service keeps plain text notes synced across devices for you. Part of what sets Simplenote apart from similar products is how fast and persistent its sync is. No matter how many devices you’re accessing notes from, it always “knows” which version is the newest. Even better, notes come with built-in version control, so you could revert to an older version of your note if you made a change you don’t like. Officially, Simplenote  only makes apps for iOS and the web, but other developers have released a wide array of apps on every platform, including Windows, Mac, Android and Blackberry.


2. Evernote

Sometimes, text notes aren’t enough to keep your work (and play) in order. Evernote is a great solution for keeping everything from photos and web pages to lists and documents organized and in sync. They also have apps on almost every platform (iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Blackberry and more) so you can take notes wherever you are. One of Evernote’s coolest features is its ability to read text from images. Someone hand you a business card? Take a picture of it in your Evernote app, and later you can search for the person by name and that same picture will pop up, all without you entering a single word of text. On top of its built-in features, there is also what the company calls the Evernote Trunk, an enormous selection of other apps and hardware solutions that hook into your Evernote notes.


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