We at TORO have been covering the beautiful and talented women of the world for years. For all the guys who feel left out, we introduce a new feature: TORO's Men of the Week, celebrating all that can be done by the stronger, dumber sex. This week, let's give proper recognition to ...

Ronnie O'Sullivan, Master of Snooker


Ronnie O’Sullivan could be called the Ty Cobb of snooker, a guy whose unbending will and perfectionism can, when turned in the right direction, make him the most dangerous and intimidating man in the game.

Of course snooker, in which little red balls are pelted around a board with a pointed stick, isn’t the most intimidating game in the world. It lacks the alluring seediness of pool and perhaps requires more raw skill and less mental confrontation. That is the game O’Sullivan plays: direct, quick and brilliant.

O’Sullivan’s biggest asset may be his speed; he holds the record for fastest game completion and has expressed disdain for drawn out, psychological play. His place in the game also recalls chess master Bobby Fischer, a guy so above his fellow players that natural boredom and disinterest can make him seem arrogant or disrespectful. With his fourth World Snooker Championship win this past week he now ranks third in overall modern titles, behind newly retired Steven Hendry (7) and Steve Davis and Ray Reardon (tied with 6) records he will undoubtedly trump before leaving this earth. 

For being the lead rebel in one of the least badass of sports, O’Sullivan is a true TORO Man.

Mama's Boys


Without our mothers few if any of us would be alive today. For a lot of men that’s where the debt lies: you gave birth to me, I will pay you back by not completely screwing up. But for a select few adult dudes, mom is still an important figure. We call ‘em mama’s boys.

Sure, you get free meals, ironing and good advice but all that comes with a price. A recent poll by terribly named online dating site Zoosk found a whopping 76 per cent of women think a close relationship between partners and their mothers to be a turn off. This doesn’t mean everyday stuff like phone calls or, on the flip-side, financial dependence, more so the idea whether a man should get influence or direction from their old ladies. That job, your girlfriend might secretly think, is up to them.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner we’d like to give props to all guys who go above and beyond one card and a bouquet of flowers every year.

Tom Gabel, True Punk 


Feminism was a core value behind the birth of punk rock, but the news that Against Me! frontman Tom Gabel would be undergoing gender reassignment surgery has still shaken the music community.

Coming out as gay or transsexual, let alone physically transgendered, is still an uncommon occurrence in rock music. Gabel’s sudden announcement that he had been struggling for years with what most fans now know is called “gender dysphoria” and the numerous lyrical hints in Against Me! songs have created heated debate. Even expressions of genuine confusion have been labelled insensitive. Nevertheless, Gabel is now the least confused one involved, and fans can’t help but imagine an impossible weight lifted from his shoulders.  

Though he won’t be one for long, Tom Gabel is a man with some serious balls.

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