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Andy Samberg, Funnyman


Saturday Night Live has bred many comedy stars, but only a handful have single-handedly pulled the sketch show from one of its trademark slumps. Along with Eddie Murphy and Will Ferrell, Andy Samberg came to prominence at a time when the show was wanting for relevance, and provided it again and again. His “Digital Shorts” helped update the aged program for the internet age, always earning constant viral buzz despite NBC’s counterintuitive anti-piracy policies.

Samberg announced his departure from SNL this past weekend. Brighter pastures: his continued critical and commercial success with comedy-rap trio The Lonely Island, and a starring role as Adam Sandler’s son in That’s My Boy, by default the least-gimmicky Adam Sandler comedy in a good decade.

For brightening up a sagging franchise and providing pop music with a much-needed dose of humour, Samberg is a man to be admired.

Check out a rundown of the best SNL Digital Shorts, via Pitchfork.

Kadir Anlayisli, Fugitive Hunter


On June 4, Berlin Internet cafe owner Kadir Anlayisli ended the most urgent and widely publicized manhunt in modern Canadian history, single-handedly identifying Luka Magnotta despite the accused killer’s penchant for disguise and physical transformation.  

The eagle-eyed German spotted the fugitive, who was (natch) reading his own news stories online, and immediately flagged down passing police cadets. Anlayisli’s quick thinking and lack of hesitation in exposing an alleged violent, mentally unstable individual brought a bittersweet sense of relief to Canadians unsure whether the maniac had fled to Europe as reported, or deceived police and stayed behind to continue his crime spree. For saving us a lot of worry, bringing an alleged murderer to justice, and attempting to bilk the schlock-tabloid QMI Agency out of an interview fee, Anlayisli is a true TORO Man.

Richard Dawson, Family Guy

No game show host in history had the effortless charisma gifted to Richard Dawson. Like a network-approved Brando, the longtime Family Feud host and frequent Match Game cutup abandoned the staid politeness of those before him for something freer, more casual and unpredictable. As the original Feud host (1976-1985) he frequently flirted with female guests, openly mocked horrible answers, and helped turn role of host from hired MC to television icon.

Dawson also dabbled in acting, co-starring in Hogan’s Heroes, guesting on countless sitcoms, and memorably terrorizing Arnold Schwarzenegger in the underrated action flick The Running Man (1987). Watching reruns of Family Feud nowadays and Dawson’s casual, almost invasive attitude toward women and contestants of lesser intelligence is downright shocking. That said, we may never see a man of his tenacity in prime time ever again.

Dawson passed away June 2 at age 79.

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