It’s been a week in which the Republicans’ worst nightmares have come true.  Donald Trump’s ‘locker room’ misogyny, caught on video in 2005, has horrified even his staunchest supporters.  America is a country in which one in five women will be sexually assaulted, a point made by the more than three thousand sexual assault survivors who took out a full page ad in The Washington Post calling for Republican leaders to stop ‘enabling’ Trump. 

Then came Paul Ryan’s public renunciation of Trump and the drama took another turn.  Trump has become an Act Five Macbeth, alone in his castle, trusting no one, lashing out at his own supporters and yet still believing that he is invincible, but the bad news just keeps on coming.  TV producer Chris Nee has suggested that she’d been told of the existence of ‘Apprentice’ tapes ‘far worse’ than the ‘Access Hollywood’ material.  It has been reported that conversations with approximately twenty people who worked on ‘The Apprentice’ indicate that Donald Trump would sexually harass women, often while the cameras were rolling, making the existence of incriminating tapes highly plausible.  NBC’s position on all of this is a little awkward. 

The organization claims that it didn’t release the ‘Access Hollywood’ tapes because of fears that Trump might sue, when the tapes did surface NBC dropped Trump’s co-conversationalist, Billy Bush, in an instant.  Perhaps surprisingly, NBC claims it doesn’t own the alleged ‘Apprentice’ footage.  The gatekeeper of the material seems to be the executive producer of the show, Mark Burnett, who according to Buzzfeed News, is a Trump supporter.  He is on record as saying that anyone releasing footage from the show would be in breach of contract and would have to pay a $5 million leak fee. 

Enter one of the world's top ranked poker players Daniel Negreanu, the six-time WSOP champ who became a US citizen last year, who has been prepared to alienate some of his fans by speaking out publicly against Donald Trump. Negreanu is offering $100,000 of his own money to facilitate the release of ’The Apprentice’ material.  In a tweet to billionaire businessman Mark Cuban he wrote: ‘@mcuban I’m in to donate $100,000 to the cause if you decide to take this on.’  


Mark Cuban officially endorsed Hilary Clinton in July 2016 at a campaign stop in his hometown of Pittsburgh; he subsequently challenged Donald Trump to a four-hour interview for which he would pay the presidential candidate $10 million.  The offer was declined by Mr. Trump. 

Daniel Negreanu may well get to keep his money though, because there’s no shortage of people out there willing to pay the leak fee.  David Brock, head of a pro Hilary Clinton superPAC has already offered to pay the fine.  It won’t be lack of money that prevents the release of these tapes.  Whether they are released or not, whether they even exist or not, the damage is done, because the general perception is that the allegations are true.

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