FRIDAY MAY 27, 2016

Aretha Franklin had it right: "If you want a do-right-all-day woman, you've gotta be a do-right-all-night man."

In a recent Kinsey Institute at Indiana University study on sexual satisfaction in long-term relationships, women reported that it was the sex itself — particularly satisfying sex — that kept them happy.

Men, on the other hand, reported that cuddling, kissing and touching gave them greater satisfaction.

The study, published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, examined more than 1,000 same-sex couples from the U.S., Germany, Japan, Brazil and Spain. Participants were 40- to 70-year-old men and their female partners, either married or living together for at least a year.

Another discovery of note? Relationship satisfaction was greater for men who reported that it was "important to him that his partner experienced orgasm."

Who knew?

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Every individual person-man or woman-has a different sex drive. It is wrong to assume one source of pleasure over another. I enjoy all sex types. Like Nick stated, it depends on the situation. Different sexual emotions and levels can match different types or techniques or an array of sexual choices most perfect for the moment. But everyone has a different sex drive, so we can't assume everyone likes the same thing at the same level. If that was the case, guys would think they have us figured out. Women-at least me-have multiple orgasms during sex. Intensifying more and more after the other. Women also have different pleasure spots being hit from different positions. So, when it comes to pleasure, everyone is different.
Well, not just any kind of sex. Women prefer oral sex more than any other form of sex. I found this information all over the web and then googled with some great tips`n`tricks on female pleasure...
This is very understandable as in these present times people- whether in a relationship or not love the company of others and holding them near brings much comfort. On the flip side of the original topic, sex is enjoyable when building up to a cresendo for both partners, but after climax has been reached and sensation dies down, many times both partners are left wondering '...was it really worth it?'. Sexual gratification can be easily achieved in other ways with masturbation topping the list for many people- again there are many variances on situations and techniques used.
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