He´s Sex and the City´s Mr. Big. He plays cocky NYC police detective Mike Logan in the prolific "Law & Order" franchise. He co-owns both a New York City restaurant and a nightclub, and also – curiously – a tea room in Canada.

Chris Noth is one busy guy.

Starring in the "Sex and the City" movie out later this month, a lesser known fact about Noth is that he´s pretty involved in the hospitality business. He co-owns NYC lounge “The Cutting Room,” restaurant “Plumm” and “Once Upon A Teacup” – a tea room located in none other than Windsor, Ontario. He credits his girlfriend, Canadian Tara Wilson, with that one.

We caught up with Noth recently in Toronto and he regaled us with candid observations about digital media, George Bush ("Worse than Nixon"), acting, celebrity culture ("It´s hard to even look at a newsstand with all the shit coming at you") and his own take on “What men need to know.”

On his Manhattan bar, The Cutting Room:

That was just my love of music and wanting to be a part of something that had live music which is dying out in New York. New York’s becoming a shopping mall like a lot of cities, and the live entertainment is dying out to video. A lot of hotels and just bars are the same kind of architecture. A lot of the great great historic music places are gone. We’re holding out and we’re not making a lot of money at it because it’s a small crowd of people that want to go.

On acting and the leading man:

I’ve always considered myself a character actor although I would say that to use those terms is a little deceiving because everything is character. Mr. Big is a leading man but he’s a character – he’s kind of an iconic character.

But it is true that in our culture that there are those distinctions. At least in the theatre, there’s no such thing as that and I believe there isn’t – everybody is a character. To try and play a leading man as an actor is like, you know, what is that? It’s like an amorphous definition that has no meaning. But that said, what is written for the major films and TV, especially TV, is a pretty dishonest portrayal of what a leading man is. I don’t know, what are they supposed to be, flawless? And young and handsome?