What to look for when hiring a Karaoke Jockey (KJ)

If you want the best Karaoke experience than Big Star Karaoke is the only company you need. As a Karaoke enthusiast for many years I have had the opportunity of experiencing the best and the worst of Karaoke hosts. The person who is running the show can elevate your whole night or just let it sink.

Professional audio equipment is also an important factor. Most KJ's carry extra equipment for backup in the event there is equipment failure. At one karaoke show I attended, it took the Host half an hour to get there system working. Nothing worse then listening to a Host apologizing for inadequate preparation for the show. Just remember this is a show, and the show must go on and without long delay or dead air. 

A KJ who is always walking away from his/her booth and having to constantly run back before the song ends is a sign of trouble. He/She should be concerned about the show, not their smoke or drink break while your guest/patron are singing. Yes, you can always spot the KJ that doesn't take his/her job very serious. Those are usually the people that come in at 9:25 p.m. when the show starts at 9:30, giving themselves only 5 minutes to setup and do a soundcheck. Don't get me wrong there are plenty KJs that are great but I like to point out the ones that you don't want running your show.

You've probably heard the saying "paying attention to small details makes a big difference". I feel this is very true for anything you do in life. Be aware of Karaoke Services that do not add new songs to their selection regularly. Look for an extensive Song List , one with all genres of music from all generations. Believe me, all the above does make a difference to your guests/patrons. I have stopped visiting some establishments in the past for some of the above reasons.

With Big Star Karaoke we don't take anything for granted. We always arrive on time and are fully prepared to entertain your patrons/guests.

What to Expect With Big Star Karaoke

  • Bring backup equipment for all Karaoke shows
  • Show up at least half an hour early for all Karaoke shows
  • Bring music to play in between karaoke performances
  • Over 30,000 Quality tracks in stock and growing
  • Online Karaoke Song Database (for those we want to pick songs via smart phone)
  • Promotions & Giveaways to keep patrons coming back
  • Friendly upbeat Host
  • Make sure no dead air, music is played in between performances
  • All Song List books kept in good condition and updated
  • Experienced KJs who know how to make the singers sound good
  • Signs to advertise Karaoke Night (great for Bars & Restaurants)
  • Karaoke packages for all budgets and events
  • Packages with Karaoke & DJ Service available