It’s the long weekend. You’re stuck in town. What to do? Barbecue. You don’t have a barbecue. What to do? Go out. Don’t know where to go? Read this. Problems solved.

Memphis BluesVancouver – Memphis Blues

1465 West Broadway, Vancouver
(604) 738-6806

Canada’s west coast restaurant scene is far from known for its traditional barbecue. But Memphis Blues’ mandate is to bring an authentic slice of the south straight to Van-city.  Do not expect sweet, fall-off-the-bone, chain-restaurant style ribs at this spot. Rather, your palate will be pleasured with the slow-cooked smoky flavours of the restaurant’s ole applewood smoker. The hand pulled pork is killer and, according to the pit master, “jiggles like a woman’s ass.” I guess that’s a good thing.

vjdrivein.jpgWinnipeg – VJ’s Drive-In

170 Main Street, Winnipeg
(204) 943-2655

Well, it ain’t barbecue, but it’s close enough. VJ’s drive in – a greasy, ramshackle stand that has survived nearly 55 Winnipeg winters – serves up the burger to end all burgers. Stuffed with pickles, onions, juicy red tomatoes and anointed with a consistently mind boggling homemade chili, the VJ’s Special instantly removes you from a sketchy (and I mean it) corner in Winnipeg and floats you on a cloud.  VJ’s also has park benches. So there’s that.


thestockyards.jpgToronto – The Stockyards

699 Saint Clair Avenue West, Toronto
(416) 658-9666

You have to prepare yourself for a queue and a cramped space. But, hey, it’s the long weekend, what else have you got to do? Unlike most over-lauded Toronto restaurants, Stockyards, by all accounts, is worth the wait. Why? Well, for one, the porchetta sandwich is stuffed with shredded pork smoked for 12 hours and heated with cider vinegar and served with creamy coleslaw. And the mahogany coloured smoky ribs are nothing to sneeze at either. Oddly, though, the fried chicken – a crunchy moist, nearly genius interpretation of the classic is this Toronto restaurant’s heavy hitter. Come for the barbecue, stay for the deep fry.

rotisserieramados.jpgMontreal - Rotisserie Ramados

115 Rue Rachel Est, Montreal
(514) 849-1803

Portuguese Barbecue is a culinary genre that should not be overlooked. And Montreal’s Rotisserie Ramados is a divey spot that makes a very strong case for the savoury cuisine. Don’t just, ahem, piri piri through the windows and walk past this forgettable looking joint in the heart of Montreal ‘s Plateau. The menu – which is composed exclusively of rotisserie pork and chicken – is both simple and simply great. 

boneheads.jpgHalifax – Boneheads BBQ

1014 Barrington Street, Halifax
(902) 407-4100

Introducing barbecue glazed lobster! Just kidding. This Halifax restaurant says: “Screw you shells; it’s all about the bones.” Serving up everything from Beef Brisket to house smoked sausage to chorizo, smoked cheddar mac and cheese, the key to every item on the Bonehouse card is cook it low and take it slow.  How fast you ingest, that’s up to you.


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Memphis Blues appreciates the mention! FYI - we also have locations at 1342 Commercial Dr (Vanc), 2443-161A St (Surrey), 302-18690 Fraser Hwy (Surrey), 289 Bernard Ave (Kelowna), and soon at 430 Robson St (Vanc).
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