MONDAY JULY 24, 2017

Heading to the casino for a cheeky go on the blackjack table or spin of the slots is a common part of many people’s social calendar, but if you’re looking to be a winning player rather than a casual one, did you know that heading online, or even to your mobile device, could be the difference between coming out on top and heading home empty handed. We all know that it is far more convenient to play at home or on your phone via an app than making an effort to go to the casino, but there is far more to becoming a winning player than convenience. Here at Toro today, we’re going to look at three reasons to stay out of the casino without missing out on any of the best gaming action!


Behind the flashing lights and immense cabinets, all slot games are based on mathematics. Even games that attempt to be as random as possible are designed to work around certain formulas and the one that means the most to players is generally the snappily named Return to Player Percentage. This is basically the percentage of the cash taken in on a game that will be paid out to players over the medium term, and in land based casinos like in Las Vegas it generally runs somewhere in the range of 70-80%. For every $10 put into the machine, $7-$8 will come back out, although this is generally over a longer period than any single player will notice. The rest goes to the casino, to cover costs and result in a little bit of profit.

Concerning costs, these are much lower when it comes to online and mobile casinos, and even the greedier ones will generally just stick with whatever they have been provided by the game developer. Specifically, games are designed with the payout percentage in mind and this rarely changes, and players can expect it to be upwards of 90% when playing online. For every $10 you play with online, you can expect $9 back on average, or sometimes even more. There are still no guarantees, of course, but online games are inherently better value.


You can go to the casino, leave and return a couple of months later and find that the slots on offer are completely different to what you played last time. Space is a factor and casino managers want to offer the most popular games, and that generally means ensuring that the latest releases are all available. For a new game to come in, an old one has to be removed and that can lead to one of your favourites leaving the casino floor.

When it comes to online casinos, they have nothing to lose by leaving a game there forever. Believe it or not, online gaming itself already has its fair share of classic slot games that have stood the test of time, particularly when it comes to Microgaming slots. While some have left the range due to licences expiring, the vast majority are there still since the day they were launched and continue to deliver top-notch entertainment.


Continuing the theme of space being an issue, there is no better choice of table games when playing online. Depending where you are, the casino may favour a certain brand of table game over any other – American Roulette over European for example. With space once again being of no concern to the casinos themselves when you’re playing online, the choice really is yours. Some of the bigger online and mobile casinos somehow manage to offer a dozen different variants of roulette and blackjack – most casinos don’t even have that many tables let alone different games! If you fancy playing a game with a new twist or perhaps one that simply isn’t available in your area, online and mobile casinos are most definitely the places to be!

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