Slot games are one of the most popular staples of any good casino. Whether its in an online environment or via a more traditional land-based casino the concept of the slot machine has been a long serving feature which has evolved fantastically with the times and still able to draw in millions of players from around the world. As technology has advanced so has the slot machine and it has managed to embrace any technological development thrown at it without truly losing its mass appeal.

The first ever slot game was invented by a San Francisco mechanic named Charles Fey in the late 19th century.  Fey was able to create a special modified version of a machine created by Gustav Friedrich Wilhelm Schultze which featured an automatic payout mechanism. This became the “Liberty Bell Slot Machine” which featured the iconic three bell alignment and these popular new machines were installed in various saloon bars across San Francisco. Unfortunately due to the illegality of gambling in the state of California at the time of its creation Fey was unable to patent the device which meant that competitors could recreate these machines.

Over the next few decades the gambling industry changed dramatically and so had the technology. By the 1960’s a special new electromechanical slot game surfaced which soon become to appear in many casinos across the country. The most traditional type of slot that has become synonymous with casinos is of course the one armed mechanical slot games which rely on the player pulling the arm and releasing the three reels in question to spin in a potential win on a single pay line. It’s very rare to find these types of machines in land-based casinos these days of course but they are still much beloved collector’s items and can still be found in private collections and casino-based museums.

During the 90’s the internet meant that casinos could now reach a wider audience providing them with a whole new way in which to gamble. Of course this new technology was only just the beginning and over the next decade or so the gaming industry and online gambling as a whole had evolved dramatically. Online casinos were sprouting up just about everywhere giving players the opportunity to enjoy their favourite “virtual” slot gaming experiences from a desktop PC. But with smartphone technology and the mobile gaming industry itself pushing boundaries even more gamers from around the world could now enjoy slot games on their mobile phones, tablets or other pocket-sized devices at their own convenience.

Nowadays slot games are as popular as ever with millions of dollars in revenue being generated by this gaming feature alone. It has expanded and grown both online or offline and slot sites around the world are enjoying continued success offering players huge variations in slot types, which range from multiple paylines to an incredible array of special features and other in-play bonuses.


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