Over the years gaming has changed. Consoles have changed, smartphones are now a major gaming platform, handheld consoles have fallen out of fashion and VR (which seemed like a pipe dream years ago) is now a reality. However, people have changed as well. Millennials, for example, have grown up with video games in one way or another and as such their approach and idea of what games are and should be has shifted over the years.

Social gaming has become hugely popular. Whether they are mobile games on a smartphone that involve a heavy social element such as a dependency on alliances like Clash of Clans or involve interacting with real world people like Pokemon Go. These are so different from the video games that were released back on the Sega Master System or other old consoles.

Plenty of people, though, play video games socially. Multiplayer games are a hugely popular genre and few more popular that World of Warcraft. Plenty of people have stuck with Blizzard’s MMO because they have friends that play and are active members of their guild. Another gaming area that is now seen as a social and leisure activity is gambling. It is no longer just about winning or losing, but also about how much and how exciting the games are. Lucky Nugget Casino even wrote an article about how millennials are the future of gaming and it is well worth reading. They also provide a range of online casino games such as blackjack and themed slots for players to enjoy. As you can see, millennials don’t just want a mechanically strong game but also one that they can play or share with their friends in some way.

There was a shift towards games being online dependent and online multiplayer became very popular. However, in recent years there has been a shift back to local multiplayer video games and traditional board games. Board games have seen constantly increasing sales and popularity recently and this could be due how millennials and other people want to play games with their friends in the same room and enjoy their company as well as a game. Players are no longer just stuck with Risk and Monopoly when it comes to board games and can instead enjoy games from various genres with all kinds of play lengths. Whether they want party games like The Resistance or longer mechanically driven games like Caverna, there is plenty to enjoy and a whole new gaming world to explore.

When it comes to local multiplayer video games, though, there have been lots of releases across all consoles and PC. Games like Nidhogg and Overcooked have reminded people how much fun they can have sat next to their friends. It provides an immediate feedback to your friend's failings and escapades. Hours of fun can be had in fencing on Nidhogg or cooking dishes in ridiculous locations like the back of a speeding van, in Overcooked. These days millennials want to play a range of games and don’t want to be restricted by genre or play area. 

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