It can be easy to pick up bad habits when you are at work. Sometimes you spend so much time at the office that you don't realize the harm you are doing to your body. We're not talking about smoking on your breaks, although you definitely should give up that habit if you have it.

Instead, this is about spending too much time sitting at your desk, or the time you spend snacking while there, or even the fact that you are swilling soda all day for an energy boost.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is important but if you're going to drink, swap out the soda or coffee for water. It's not just a way to keep you hydrated, and far healthier for you than drinking sugar-laden soda all day. It's also full of other great healthful benefits.

While drinking water promotes weight loss and even helps clear your skin, those aren't the reasons why you should be drinking more of it at work. The biggest reason to opt for water at work is that it can help relieve fatigue and it can even help boost your energy — without sugar or caffeine!

Another great reason to opt for water is that it's free. No need to drink bottle water, since most of them are nothing more than filtered tap water anyway. Water promotes good dental health, and even helps push toxins out of your body.

Snack Well

Make healthy eating choices at work is also important. If you feel the munchies coming on don't bother visiting the vending machine, there is nothing good in there for you. Instead, take some snacks in with you that are healthy and boost energy, like seeds, nuts, and dried fruit.

It also helps to make wise lunch choices. Instead of eating something heavy and carb filled that will make you crash in the second half of the work day, eat something light, like a salad or a wrap. Protein helps give you energy, so make sure to get some nice light meat with your fruits and vegetables.

Spend Less Time Sitting

Sitting is bad for you. It could be worse for your health than smoking. If you work in an office it's likely that you spend a great deal of time sitting. While you can take plenty of walking breaks during the day, you are still harming your health the more you are sitting. 

One great way to deal with the negative health aspects of sitting is to invest in a stand up desk. These desks are made for you to be on your feet, and they also help promote good posture. Plus, standing up gives you a little more exercise throughout the day.

Practice Good Posture

Avoiding back and neck pain should be part of your work day, since it can be harder to focus and get your work done if you are suffering from chronic pain. You should constantly be focusing on keeping good posture, while standing and sitting. Soon it will become natural.

If your office chair isn't conducive to good posture, you may want to invest in an ergonomic chair that helps with posture. This may cost a little more, but your health is worth the cost. You were born with good posture, but it takes work to keep it.

Take An Activity Break

Sneak in some exercise any chance you can get, even if you work at a stand up desk. Take a walk when things are slow. If you work on an upper floor, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park on the other side of the parking lot. 

If you get a "smoke" break once or twice a day, use that time to walk around the parking lot, or if your workplace has a fitness room use it. Sometimes balancing work and life keeps people too busy to fit in time for fitness. So grab some time for some any chance you can get!

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