In week 4 of my Stratusphereliving 30-day Yoga Challenge, I’m feeling great. I’m lighter, stronger and much more flexible than when I started (see my Fit Test video with Trish at Stratusphere  to see where I started), but it hasn’t come without some challenges.

Here’s some more lessons learned in the first three weeks:

Choice vs. Chore

For me, it was KEY to find the right time for me to workout. At first I was squeezing in my workouts in the morning but I quickly realized that I’m not a morning person. So I switched to evenings when I have a bit more time and found myself getting much more out of my workouts and not dreading dragging myself out of bed to do it. If I’m going to make workouts part of my lifestyle, they should fit my lifestyle.

Realistic Goals

I found it tough to do the yoga workout every day with my ever-changing schedule – shooting video, editing, shooting concerts, etc. Some days I was able to do the full 50 minutes of Trish’s DVD, others I can only squeeze in 20. I’m committed to doing as much as my schedule allows and I’m still seeing results.

Cumulative Effect

It's true what they say, "Practice makes perfect." Well, I'm still FAR from perfect but I'm definitely improving. I can feel myself getting stronger in various poses as they start to become easier to execute. This is resulting in better form, which is helping me get a better and deeper stretch, thus continually giving me a better workout. On Day 1 I couldn't get my toes off the ground for crow pose without face-planting, but on day 11 I could hold it for over 10 seconds. Goal accomplished!

Switch it Up

It’s easy to get into routines and get bored, especially if the scenery of your at-home workout space isn’t exciting.  I found myself checking out new yoga poses, pose variations (Peacock, Firefly, and Eight-Angle pose, I’m coming for you) and switching the order of the body parts I was working on with Trish’s DVD to keep my body guessing what’s coming next. I also ventured out to another yoga class with my co-worker where I met some new faces and learned a few new yoga poses (guys, if you’re looking to meet women, there’s PLENTY at these yoga classes!) As time moves forward I’m hoping to become a regular in organized yoga classes. Meeting new people and sizing yourself up against others is great motivation.


I live with a roommate, who, along with his girlfriend LOVE treats, so I find myself always holding myself back from junk food (yes I’m talking to you Chips Ahoy Middles!) If you can get rid of any or all junk food from sugar to white bread, etc., you’ll save yourself from temptation. You’re more likely to stick to the habit and keep your hand out of the cookie jar during those late night snack cravings if the jar is empty.  I’ve been snacking on carrots or celery with almond butter and other fruits and vegetables.


I’ve been lucky to know that I’m not in this alone. There are tons of people out there at all different stages with one similar intention: healthy living. I’ve found it helps to connect with other people at your gym or yoga studio after or before class.  Having others to share your journey with is highly motivational. Over the first three weeks I’ve met some fantastic people on twitter as part of #stratusphereliving, which has only fuelled me to keep giving my best each and every day. When guys like Dan lose 90 lbs using yoga and a healthy diet, how can I help but get excited.

Persistence pays off but remember to enjoy the journey. There’s no such thing as overnight results, so I’ve found my personal flow and am happy to be living a healthier life.

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