FRIDAY MAY 26, 2017
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Since World War II, Dr. Martens has been lacing up an odd conglomerate of the population, ranging from soldier to skinhead; from loner to leader. With its apex in the '80s, followed by its nadir in the '90s, the Docs brand has come a long way. But 13 years into the new milennium, the SS13 collection seems to have returned it to a comfortable place, planting itself — with a strong foothold — into the urban hipster scene.

Taking its lead from London’s street culture, the Dr. Martens SS13 collection extends far beyond the classic black boot and moves toward different textures, like patent leather, canvas and suede, and patterns, like tattoo art, camo and tie-dye.

Still, where we see Doc Martens being the most inventive, perhaps, is in its men’s clothing line, which seems to have gone from boy to girl then back to boy again. Long-sleeved leopard print shirts are paired with college jackets that harken back to James Dean and tie-dye T-shirts pop beneath standard black waffle crewnecks. Watch out for the pièce de résistance in the spring collection: Suspenders, which look perfect with any of the short-sleeved check buttondowns from this season.

In short, whether you see their signature yellow stitching flooding the streets of your city or not, I assure you — though they’ve never really totally left the scene — this year Docs are here to stay.

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