So you’re going for a night out with the promise that you’ll take in a casino at some point in the evening - nice plan! But it’s a plan that comes with a perennial poser: just what do you wear to a casino?

It’s not quite fancy dress but it’s not business as usual either. Now that we are a nation that is officially cool these things matter.

Of course, if you’re sitting at home and are gaming at an online casino it doesn’t matter what you wear - you can play in your PJs or even in your birthday suit and nobody will turn a hair.

There is a lot to be said for playing online, and not just in terms of the dress code.

You cannot expect to pull off that stylish look in the land-based casino if you also do not know what you are doing in terms of playing. It’s worth paying an online casino a visit before you try your luck in the flesh. It certainly helps that debonair look in a casino if you already know your straight flush from a three of a kind.

Preparation trumps inspiration

If you are planning to put in a personal appearance at a casino it doesn’t do any harm to have sharpened up your wits and your working knowledge of how things work before you get there.

Land-based casinos are always happy to take money off people who are just learning the ropes.

That’s not cool and it’s certainly not the way to make the most of your evening. But before we get too carried away with the merits of playing online, we still have to figure out what to wear.

As in so many other areas of the leisure industry, there is a certain code that needs to be observed if you want to be taken seriously.

It’s not as bad as turning up in sneakers to a golf club or turning up to the opera in your shorts, but there is still an etiquette that needs to be observed if you want to be treated seriously.

Obviously this is a question of balance. With the possible exception of dedicated hipsters, Opera singers and Dr Who, a bow tie hasn’t been a formal requirement since Queen Victoria’s day. Roger Moore as James Bond is not something to aim for.

hipsterbowtie.jpgPracticality matters

Back in the real world we need to be cutting a look that is smart but formal.

Nothing too extravagant - you don’t want any accessories cluttering up the tables or distracting your attention when you’re trying to concentrate - and nothing too colourful either.

The whole point about looking the part in a casino is a certain understatement. After all, you’re never going to outshine all those bright lights, no matter how hard you try.

On a practical level, there is something to be said for not being too hot.

Casino owners want their clientele to feel comfortable and at ease in their establishments. Keeping the place warm is the most basic way to achieve that.

What that means is that anything that you might have chosen because it will keep you warm outside may have to be shed if you’re not to overheat.

Paying attention to your layering, and making sure that if you do have to discard a layer that you’re still fit to be seen in public, can save you a whole host of embarrassment.

It’s really not easy to play intelligently if you’re feeling painfully self-conscious, and it isn’t cool either.

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