It’s official: spring has arrived – and that means, among other things, it’s time for males (of any species, really) to preen and strut. The male Homo Sapiens, circa 2011, will typically leave his winter cave, shake off the long sleep of hibernation, and step into a brightly lit and shockingly inviting landscape – women in tight sundresses, candy-colored sports cars, invitingly louche cafes, etc. Needless to say, dressing sharp is a high priority, virtually a Darwinian imperative. And so, with all this in mind, and more, TORO has assembled a list of must-have menswear for spring.

askraincoat_HR.jpgAsk Raincoat

In a famous Seinfeld episode, Kramer misplaced a lucky polyester sports coat that he claimed helped him score with women. I’ve been wearing the Ask Raincoat from Helly Hansen for several weeks and, while there has been no scoring per se, I’ve never worn a jacket that so many have reached out and touched. There is an undeniable magnetism emanating from this three-layer waterproof breathable fabric. For the record, it features laser cut seams and an adjustable (and removable) belt – but it is the sheer charisma of the Ask Raincoat that makes it one of our must-have items for spring. $700. Helly

HR_64_Z_Zegna_Twenty_Four_Seven_Suit.jpgThe Twenty-Four Seven Suit

The twenty-four-seven suit by Z Zegna is appealing on many levels. First, it’s extremely travel friendly: you can pack it in a suitcase and it will emerge uncrumpled (the wool is a high twist yarn that holds memory). It actually represents a new trend in suits designed to take a man seamlessly from day to night. The suit looks good – it fits close to the shoulder, has a proportionate button stance – but just as importantly, it conjures an irresistible worldview: busy days and busier nights, punctuated by travel and a devil-may-care insouciance. We can get behind that. $1,295.


Screen_shot_20110323_at_5.18.55_PM.pngMatt & Natt: Weiland Bag

Not only is the Weiland bag a downright handsome accessory, but it’s a planet-friendly item as well: the faux suede lining is made out of recycled bottles. It sports two buckles for closure, and an interior that features a padded laptop compartment along with PDA, zip, mobile phone, and three pen pockets. The shoulder strap is detachable. 15.5” X 12” X 6”. $245.  Matt & Natt



Sports Coats

Here’s a style trend for spring: sports coats that are as dressy and distinguished looking as a full suit. The sports coats pictured here are trimmer, shorter, and certainly a little more bold. The beauty of a well-crafted sports coat is that it can also serve as the perfect bridge between work attire and leisure pursuits. Case in point: the summer blazer with brown checks (pictured) can be worn with an open collared shirt and dress pants – perfectly appropriate for work on Friday.

sportcoat1.jpgTo switch things up, dress up a navy blazer with a striped shirt and knit tie (as shown) and, paired with jeans, it’s a great look for a Saturday night. A blazer can even be worn to a Sunday brunch with a hoodie and a pair of chinos rolled at the bottom. Summer blazer (Horst), $365. Navy blazer (Without Prejudice), $595. Knit tie (Haight & Ashbury),  $65.  Gotstyle The Menswear Store


Canali Desert Boot
HR_11_Canali_Desert_Boot.jpgThe desert boot has made a comeback, so much so it may even be the shoe of choice this season. The Canali desert boot, shown here, exemplifies the flexibility of this item. It can easily be dressed-up with a sports jacket and trousers for a night on the town, or paired with a field jacket, chambray shirts and casual slacks for a more military look. While navy and tan are standard colours, the desert boot is available in sherbet hues like yellow, pink and purple. $350.


TrailCutter4_HR_sm.jpgTrail Cutter 4 and the Pace LS 1/2 Zip

Spring is the season when most men hit either the gym or the road, and a balance of good style and high performance is what’s needed most. Let’s start with the feet: the Helly Hansen Trail Cutter 4 is a low-profile runner with a synthetic and textile upper, EVA midsole and HellyGrip outsole, perfect for running through either the concrete jungle or wooded trails. $80.

PaceLS12Zip_LR.jpgAnd the Pace LS 1/2 Zip is a good choice for the upper body, especially if you’ve already begun working out, as it clings to well-developed muscles in the same way as outfits worn by superheroes (of course, it clings to beer bellies too). The real benefit of this long-sleeved jersey is that its HH Cool and LIFA Stay Dry technology pulls excess heat and sweat away from skin for long-term dryness during any high-intensity pursuits. $70.  Helly Hansen



Scotch and Soda: Navy Chino
The Scotch and Soda Navy Chino would be, as the name somewhat cheekily implies, the perfect pair of pants for an afternoon drink on a spring deck or sailboat or what have you. $170. Welcome to Jacflash

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