The Acura ZDX is an instant conversation piece. With sharp lines and a distinctive grill, it immediately puts people in two camps: they love it or they hate it. I, personally, love the design. The first thing I thought when I saw one was “that’s a hot looking car.”  Its appearance struck me as a great mix of sport and luxury. Acura took its distinct angular look and beefed it up without losing an ounce of elegance.

Even though its exterior may be polarizing, the heart and soul of the car definitely brings people together. Under the hood, the ZDX sports a 3.7L VTEC V6 engine that churns out 300hp @ 6300rpm and 270lb-ft @4500pm of torque. Blend that with a super handling all-wheel drive and you have a vehicle that can seriously move! Admittedly, I was weary of the handling — crossovers have a tendency to disappoint in this department, a result of mixing and matching features from different car categories. Fortunately, the ZDX does the crossover category justice. It has a nice sporty suspension that responds well in the corners yet is not as stiff as your typical sports car, key when driving through the never-ending constructions zones of Toronto's downtown core.

The interior of the ZDX is bathed in upscale luxury. The seats have perforated Milano leather-trimmed heated and ventilated front seats, which are perfect for the Canadian climate: super hot or super cold! The main console is reminiscent of a tech geek's home-entertainment system, daunting in its appearance but surprisingly user friendly.

My two favorite features of the interior are both auditory in nature. I love the sound system that Acura put in the ZDX. It’s a 410 watt Acura/ELS Surround system that has DVD-Audio, DTS®, and Dolby® Pro Logic II, along with a 10 speaker system. In nerd layman’s speech, that’s amazeballs! The other feature that I truly appreciate is the Active Noise Cancellation system. This system essentially turns the entire cockpit of the vehicle into a noise-cancelling headphone. The noises blocked out are the typical road noise, engine revving and general vibration.

2013AcuraZDX1.jpgThe major drawback I found with the ZDX was with trunk space. For a vehicle of its size, the trunk space was painfully small. If you own this vehicle and have to haul a hockey bag filled with equipment, I wish you the best of luck. The other drawback that compromises the success of the ZDX is the price point. The vehicle starts at $56,750, which puts it in an awkward position on the consumer market. For that price point, a consumer can either get a sportier vehicle or a crossover/SUV that has more interior space. This fact became apparent to Acura. The current model year of the ZDX will be its last. They will be offering more features with the MDX (a more SUV like vehicle) and will be introducing their new benchmark vehicle, the RLX as a way of servicing the gap that will invariably be left open by the ZDX’s departure.

Even though the sun is setting on the ZDX I would recommend it for the urban professional who makes a good income and wants a sporty crossover vehicle that cruises along well in both the city and country. Better get it while you can.

The Specs:

MSRP: $56,750
Horsepower:300hp @6300rpm
Torque:270lb-ft @4500 rpm
Engine:3.7L, SOHC, VTEC V6
MPG: 16City/23Hwy

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