With summer right around the corner, you outdoorsy types are probably itching to get out into nature. And, thankfully, Ontario provides the perfect backdrop for the absolute best in outdoor summer fun. From laid-back camping and swimming to fishing and big-game hunting, keep reading for the top outdoor spots in Ontario, sure to please the nature lover in us all. 

1. Charleston Lake Provincial Park

Located in Landsowne, ON, Charleston Lake Provincial Park boasts over 200 campsites and a host of activities for campers to enjoy. What's more, adventurous campers may be interested in sites that are accessible by water, only, located on the shores of Charleston Lake. Activities include the following:

- Canoeing, boating and kayaking. 
- Wildlife viewing. 
- Hiking. 
- Fishing. 
- Swimming. 

2. Sandbanks Provincial Park

A camping mecca with a beachy atmosphere, Sandbanks Provincial Park in Prince Edward is a dream come true for seekers of summer fun. Home to over 500 campsites, Sandbanks is one of the largest beaches in Ontario, and features beautiful sandbars, unique dune systems and a host of gorgeous vegetation and wildlife. At Sandbanks, you can enjoy the activities listed below:

- Sailing and windsurfing. 
- Boating, canoeing and kayaking. 
- Swimming and sunbathing.
- Picnicking. 
- Hiking. 
- Wildlife viewing. 
- Biking. 

3. Bon Echo Provincial Park

Providing the ultimate off-grid camping experience, Bon Echo Park on Mazinaw Lake features secluded, radio-free camping, as well as sites with electricity and other modern amenities. Summer activities at Bon Echo include the following:

- Mazinaw Rock, which features Aboriginal pictographs. 
- Hiking. 
- Canoeing, kayaking, boating and boat tours. 
- Swimming. 
- Picnicking. 
- Fishing. 

For the hunters out there, these are the spots you want to look at...

1. Northwest Ontario

With world-class hunting and fishing, plus a rich aboriginal history, the Northwest Ontario is a premier region for hunters of all types. With lush vegetation and ample tree cover, this area is home to game both big and small. Plus, with numerous waterways, Northwest Ontario is a major draw for hunters of geese, ducks and other species of waterfowl. 

Because visibility and harsh weather may be an issue in certain parts of the region, be sure you are equipped with the right gun sights. AR 15 sights offer fiber optic options, which may dramatically improve your experience and performance. 

2. Sault Ste. Marie - Algoma 

Home to the largest and smallest types of game, Algoma Country offers the absolute best in Canadian hunting. Choose from big bull moose, black bear, a variety of small game, and even wild fowl for a diverse hunting experience. For summer hunters, black bear season begins in mid-August, while moose, deer, small game and fowl seasons start in fall and extend through December. 

3. Northeastern Ontario

From the Georgian Bay to James Bay, Northeastern Ontario is home to a variety of large and small game, where hunters of all types can enjoy a challenging experience. Thanks to the Canadian Shield, this area is home to breathtaking scenery and an abundance of moose, deer, bear, waterfowl and small game, sure to please the most avid of sportsmen. 

4. Southern Ontario

Boasting the lush forests of Algonquin, pristine rivers and immaculate waterways, the regions of Southern Ontario offer an incredibly diverse hunting experience. From waterfowl, wild turkey and grouse to bear, deer and moose, Southern Ontario is a dream come true for hunters and woodsmen, making it easy to see why these regions are among the top hunting spots in North America. 

This summer, explore the breathtaking natural beauty of Ontario, and get back to nature with some camping, hunting and fishing. You won't regret it!


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