With the dreary weather setting in, it is easy to forget that Spring is just round the corner. When the rain starts to fall though, thoughts soon turn to the holidays we can take this year. With that in mind, maybe Montreal would be a good place to visit?

For those wanting to stay away from America this year, especially with the 'Trump effect', cities like Montreal can be a nice alternative. The fact that it has doubled for Brooklyn in movies is proof of the similarities between the city and some American counterparts. What makes Montreal much more interesting though is the French flair that comes with it.

When looking at hotels, there is plenty of choice depending on your budget. Some worthy of mention is the ATL Hotel and Renaissance hotel. With fairly cheap flights to the country too, it does seem that this may be the latest North American destination for holiday goers.

If you are the type of person looking for some party time, then the Latin Quarter can be the perfect part of town to meet your needs. With many styles of bars from the 1920s speak easy En Cachette, to venues such as La Sala Rossa and Fairmount Theatre that host plenty of live events, there are plenty of choices.

If you are looking for a holiday that is more outdoor in style though, there are plenty of cycle paths to give cyclists safety, and hundreds of parks to enjoy. One that is well worth visiting is Mount Royal which has some stunning views of the city. If anything, the outside type are spoilt for choice for activities around Montreal.

Having already mentioned the bars, there is obviously a thriving nightlife in Montreal, and for those who fancy some gambling, Hotel Montreal may be the perfect choice. Offering a full selection of casino games as well as shows and other forms of entertainment, it is sure to be a nice break from just playing at Fruity King to meet your gambling needs.

With Canada getting plenty of good press in 2017, especially with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau being popular, it seems like the perfect time to visit the country. With Montreal being one of the main cities of the country, it is the prefect destination for everybody, no matter what tastes you have. All you need to do is get on a plane and get there, and enjoy an American style city with plenty of gallic flair.

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