There's a certain euphoria that comes with leaving hibernation, walking outside and realizing that you no longer live in a frozen wasteland (sorry Russia).

Now that the sun is finally out and the frozen squirrels have been disposed of, it's time to celebrate our good fortunes by finding a nearby patio to drink with friends.

As Canadians, we probably crave patio time more than any other people. This year is particularly exciting as plenty of new institutions have joined the old, each of them more than happy to quench your thirst.

From black-tie rooftops to craft-brew innovators, to friendly dives, coast to coast, we know how to chill. Below, TORO's lists Canada's Best Patios for this summer season.

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Black+Blue Steakhouse

blackandblue.php.jpgIf you like upscale meat — you better — Black+Blue Steakhouse may be one of Canada’s best purveyors. Inside this three-storey bovine temple is a custom-built meat locker, luxurious bar and most importantly, a year-round rooftop patio overlooking the Vancouver skyline. Seating 120 people, the patio serves as both dining area and lounge, and boasts a retractable roof that can be adjusted for the weather. There’s also an extensive vintage cocktail menu if you’re looking to impress a la Hemingway.

1032 Alberni Street, Vancouver | 604-637-0777 | | @glowbal_group


River Café

river-cafe.jpgIf you can’t manage a cottage getaway, River Café is the next best thing. Located on the urban oasis that is Prince’s Island, this restaurant runs on sentimental Canadiana. The patio is situated right by the water, and over its lush trees you can see the tips of Calgary’s skyscrapers, an astonishing reminder that nature’s beauty can still be found in the concrete jungle. And thanks to its refined hyper-local menu, River Café is perennially ranked as one of the best restaurants in Canada.

25 Prince's Island Park, Calgary | 403-261-7670 | @rivercafeyyc


Bar Italia

bar-italia.jpgBar Italia has been serving Peggers, and the Greater Good, for over a generation. This is a hangout space, through and through, what with its fine espresso, friendly atmosphere and prime people-watching location. The food is simple, comfort food with Italian flourishes. And yes, there's beer. The joint is busy day and night, so depending on how you pace yourself, you’ll never have to go home.

737 Corydon Ave, Winnipeg | 204-452-1929 | | @baritaliawpg


Ronnie’s Local 069

bourdain-ronnies.jpgWhen Anthony Bourdain visited this patio last summer on his Toronto Layover, he almost mistook it for Brooklyn. That’s fair, but Ronnie’s Local 069 has long been more than just a hipster haunt. It is the dive’s dive. Crowded, unpretentious, and a little grimy, Ronnie’s is the place in Kensington Market to spark cigarettes and conversations with strangers. On tap, they have a selection of quality local beer at good prices. And if you’re brave (or an elephant), you can purchase the deceptively deadly Delirium Tremens, hangovers be damned.

69 Nassau Street, Toronto | 416-340-1110

Bellwoods Brewery

bellwoods-brewery-top.jpgBellwoods Brewery is fast becoming Toronto’s most popular drinking hangout. With its high-end snack menu and rotating stable of homemade beer, the joint is perfect for those who like to relax after a long, hard day of sunbathing and Frisbee. The patio — sandwiched between the converted garage storefront and the trendy Ossington strip — encourages guests to mingle and people watch alike. Oh, and they have a barbecue.

124 Ossington Avenue, Toronto |
416-535-4586 | | @bellwoodsbeer

The Harbord Room and THR & Co.

harbordRoom.jpgThe Harbord Room and its ethereally charming patio have long been Toronto institutions, drawing celebrities, foodies, and just about anyone with taste. This May, the Harbord Room expands down the street with THR & Co., a restaurant with a focus on pizza, pasta and sharing plates inspired by Spain, Italy, and North Africa. The 70-seat patio is no doubt THR & Co.’s biggest draw for coming months. Expect another impressive blend of Old and New World wines to fuel the summer night conversation.

89 and 97 Harbord St, Toronto | 416-962-8989 |


Le Saint-Sulpice

url17.jpgThis is truly the Godfather on our list. Le Saint-Sulpice exemplifies Montreal's ability to emit Old World sophistication, while doing shots and dancing the night away. The bar — 11 really, with two dance floors and a restaurant — boasts the largest patio in the city, rife with fountains, trees, and pretty people. Le Saint-Sulpice is a favourite with students, but people of all ages succumb to its charms.

1680 St Denis St, Montreal | 514-844-9458 | @lesaintsulpice

L’Escogriffe Bar Spectacle

269320_550491171658012_922230019_n.jpgL'Escogriffe actually has two small patios, a street-level diddy at the front, and a deck hidden in the back. Like most great bars, l'Escogriffe is small, unassuming, packed with locals, and never takes itself too seriously. As the name suggests (learn French, you maudit anglo) the place specializes in live music and is frequently showcased in festivals like POP Montreal. This bar is perfect for those who don't some fresh air between sets.

4467 St Denis St, Montreal | 514-842-7244 | @escogriffe


The Argyle

argyle.jpgDoes one anyone know how to chill better than the east coast? The Argyle is right by Halifax's beautiful waterfront, in the heart of the city's restaurant district. Here, you get the best of both worlds with a sidewalk and rooftop patio, each with terrific viewscapes. East coast craft beer and martinis flow from this place and their wood oven creations aren't bad either. Come for the view, but stay for the company.

1575 Argyle St, Halifax | 902-492-8844 | @theargylebar

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