MONDAY JUNE 26, 2017

Being an athlete is about finding an edge over the competition, no matter how miniscule. And the New Balance Minimus X20v3 is just that edge. Streamlined and strengthened for maximum output and endurance, this cross trainer elevates your workout routine.

New Balance once again proves that “less is more” in terms of performance. The X20v3’s midsole is made from REVlite, which is 30% lighter than other foams. Its low-to-the ground construction keeps you stronger and more balanced by working smaller, untapped muscles in your feet. And the Vibram outsole technology provides durability and traction for sprinting and lateral movement — unique features for a shoe this light. 

Concerning comfort, the shoe’s minimalist approach also proves invaluable. The four-millimeter drop from heel to toe, low instep height, shallow toe box, and wide forefoot mimics a foot’s natural shape, like a sock. The no-sew application prevents chaffing and the highly ventilated antimicrobial treatment reduces odour (not that you have that).

And then there’s the look. The 20v3’s are eye-grabbing, if not a little loud, but this is what you expect from New Balance. If you’ve never owned yellow and blue shoes (or pink and blue for the ladies), you may have to reevaluate your wardrobe, but the trainer's form is sleek; its scale-like patterning and twisting fabric evoke a snake on the prowl.

If you’re into fitness for the long run, the New Balance Minimus X20v3 is for you.

Retail Price: $119.95
Available at New Balance stores and Sport Chek.

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