If you think moms are the only ones that get spoiled, think again. A U.S. study revealed that American shoppers spent an average of $144 on Dad last year, compared to just $82 spent on Mother's Day. We're not sure how that translates to Canadian spending on Father's Day. But take it as a hint and open up your wallet for Dear Old Dad. Here are some gift suggestions that cover all the bases ...

fragrance_sets.jpgWe'll start with the traditional, though these fragrances are anything but staid. The John Varvatos Artisan Black Gift set (top left, $100.00) offers Dad a refreshing uncomplicated fresh scent with woody and leather chypre accents. Givenchy Play ($85.00) is a modern timeless fragrance great for spirited yet hip, stylish man. Citrusy notes blend with aromatic Amyris wood, black pepper, coffee accords, vetyver and patchouli. It's not that he stinks or anything, but Dad could smell better.


Speaking of play, you kept Pops at home most of his life, begging him to toss a ball around or banishing him to his study so that you could watch Cosby in lieu of the news. I hate to say it, but you kind of put a damper on Dad's me time but don't sweat it, you can easily make up for it by giving him the gift of regression. Pick up a Parrot Ar. Drone Quadricopter ($349.99) — a four-rotor quadricopter that lets him fly indoors and out — to allow man-Dad to rekindle his relationship with boy-Dad.

GSPGotstyle_small.jpgClothes do make the man. We said it, so it must be true. And if it's good enough for GSP, it's good enough for your old man. Outfit Dad with a Without Prejudice suit ($950.00) from Gotstyle Menswear and he'll be in fighting form like UFC champ Georges St-Pierre. Pair it with a private label black dress shirt ($165.00) and you've got one knockout of a gift. If you want dad to find his own style, you can also get him a "Dad makeover" gift certificate so dad can spend an hour with a style consultant and gt $75 towards a purchase.

Help Dad fill his down time — that is, if he's lucky enough to have some. Mad Men Season 4 is out on DVD ($44.99), he can watch and learn what not to do or if he's past the child-rearing years, see just where he went wrong. Catch Jeff Bridges in True Grit, a story about fatherly love and revenge ($29.99). Dad can also work out a little aggression on his PC, XBox 360 or PS3 playing Red Faction ($59.99). All available at HMV.

As long as your father isn't a descendant of Jack the Ripper, any block of knives from Victorinox is a pragmatic, even exciting, gift this Day of the Dad. Both the Fibrox Block Set ($185.00) and the Forged Block Set (pictured left, $790.00) have the same trusted high carbon stainless steel blades and lifetime warranty as your favourite Swiss Army Knife that you lost as a child and could never replace.



Dad may not be as cool as he was back in the day but that is no reason for him to slip on a pair of ratty sweats and 'give-up' entirely (Costanza style). So look, Jockey's given you a chance to help out the one-time dude with their staycool line — a collection of tops and undies (shirts 2/$34.00, bottoms 3/$26.00-$32.00) boasting Outlast technology — a system developed for NASA to balance temperature fluctuations in space and keep astronauts comfortable. In a word: Schweddy balls aren't cool, astronauts are.


And while we're in practical mode, you can give Dad the gift of a close shave. Grant for Men After Shave is a high performance soothing serum ($50.00) to help reduce irritation (on his face, at least). The Schick Hydro Blast Razors come with a hydrating gel reservoir and a handy travel case (from $8.99). His face won't feel the burn and neither will your wallet. But don't cheap out on Dad entirely, toss in Mont Source Unique Shave Solution, a superior quality shaving oil which contains 15 natural essential oils ($24.98).

Fatherhood can be draining. Heck, it can even age you before your time. So give Dad the gift of better health. Encourage him to work out and make sure he gets the most from his exercise with supplements from Trü Performance Nutrition — all designed for and tested by pro athletes ($44.99-$59.99). And while we're on the subject of natural, Dr. Green's Chi-Mat helps reduce pain symptoms utilizing the concept of acupressure. Designed to relax and refresh your body and ease your pain, all without medication ($59.99).


Dad on the go might also enjoy this handy little gizmo — a smartphone holder. Texthook ($25.99) attaches your phone to any stroller, treadmill or elliptical for hands-free access and works well with any Bluetooth headset! The mount rotates so that it can be secured to either a single or double handlebar on your bike as seen at left.



Tablets are life changing. With the 16 GB BlackBerry Playbook ($499.00), Dad can surf the web or play games — even check in on work — while watching TV, eating dinner or supervising the children. Well, maybe it's not the best gift to keep him engaged with the family but if you love him, you will give him all the gadgets he wants.


rolltopbaghayes4.jpgSometimes as a Dad, you might feel like a beast of burden, carrying this and carrying that. Our friends at Mission Workshop will let you do that in style with a line of weatherproof rucksacks designed to hold the daily essentials. The expandable Vandal Rolltop Backpack ($259.99 USD) features a weatherproof main compartment which can be used in either "roll-top" mode or in a traditional "flap-down" configuration. A key feature of the Vandal backpack is it's ability to quickly double in size from 1,800 to 4,000 when needed for extra cargo carrying capacity. And it's a backpack so your hands are free to scoop up toddlers as needed too.

hyattkeywest.jpgNot all Dads are created equal: some like Hemingway, some like fishing and some just like to relax. With that said, it seems the Explore package from Hyatt Key West Resort and Spa, featuring 20 per cent off any fishing charter, a complimentary breakfast for two and Jet Ski tours around the island, is a pretty well-rounded gift for any Dad this year. But if Pa wants to visit Papa Hemingway's house, he'll have to shell out the cash himself. Who does he think you are, Daddy Warbucks?

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