MONDAY JUNE 26, 2017
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Like the many NXNE devotees cruising around Toronto Saturday night, for Gregory Pepper & His Problems, it too has “been a ride.” Those who did catch his show at The Silver Dollar were guaranteed their share of amusement from red trombones and a rockabilly mosh pit. Early in the evening, Shannon and the Clams gave the crowd the shot of rowdiness and maybe a bit of whisky they so desperately needed.

From there, a quick mosey to Rancho Relaxo provided a required breather with an astounding dose of Quiet Company. These boys from Austin, Texas tactfully navigate the oft-butchered indie rock/pop sound. Without skipping a beat, onlookers feasted upon a fusion of colourful instruments and stunning reverb as Taylor melted his guitar into the amp.

Tying up the evening, The Ascot Royals turned the Hideout into an infectious dance party. It was indeed, a bloody awesome ride.