Montreal's Kandle Osborne is a beautiful 21-year-old who makes not-exactly beautiful music, eerie blues tunes that seem to come from a spirit twice her age. Her self-titled debut EP offers only a taste of her emerging talent, but one potent enough to earn serious buzz beyond her looks and lineage (daughter of 54-40 frontman Neil Osborne.)

In a recent email exchange we learned all about Kandle’s motives, methods and plans for the future.

When and why did you first pick up a guitar?

I was about 14. My sister and I were being bad teenagers so our parents moved us to the country. I had a lot of time on my hands! I had always wanted to learn but I was lazy and scared, ha ha! I started getting friends to show me simple songs and chords until eventually I had it fairly figured out.

Did you move in and out of bands or usually stay a solo artist?

I was in a band with my sister and our friend Louise Burns for a few years where I really began writing and getting experience on stage, but I never had the confidence to play solo until recently when I finally recorded the EP.

What inspired your first song?

The first song I wrote was about a friend that had developed a serious addiction. A cliche, I know, but it was a very dark period in my life and I felt partly responsible. I was 15. I played it for my dad and he was really impressed, and encouraged me to keep writing!

Are the songs on your debut EP relatively recent, or have you been working on them for years?

I finished the EP last summer so I had been working on the songs for around 6 months before that, fairly unsure of what I was going to do with them if anything!

Do you now have a full set of original songs?

Yes we do. It feels great! We do play one cover that we have on the EP, "Play With Fire" by the Rolling Stones.

Is downtime while touring a good time to write?

I never really know when a good time to write is, ha ha! It happens at all sorts of times. Sometimes while walking on the street or in the middle of a dream or sometimes the old fashioned way, sitting down with a guitar seeing if anything will happen.

Are you getting more comfortable/confident onstage with each show?

Definitely! I still have very bad nerves before I play but it's getting easier! This last tour we did in Europe was really good and by the end the band had become super tight and I was feeling right at home on stage.

What would you consider your most memorable show yet?

A few weeks ago we played in Dunkerque in this really nice venue that was set up like a giant living room! Everyone was lying on couches and on the ground and it was like a big love fest! In the middle of one of our mellower songs a random fight broke out. The only guy standing up had decided to cause trouble! It was pretty hilarious but it ended up being so fun, and the crowd was amazing.

Who are some of your contemporary influences, as in fellow musicians relative to your age and experience?

My friend Louise Burns has always been a mentor to me. She's just an incredible musician. I've also started listening to my neighbour Mac DeMarco's album and it is genius! 

Is there a full video on the way for “Know My Name,” or was the album teaser filmed with just the short clip in mind?

It was just filmed as a teaser, we would love to do a video and as soon as we have ANY money we will!

Are you “visual” when it comes to your songs? Do you have video ideas in your head for each?

Absolutely. I have so many planned out, I can't wait to have the freedom to actually bring them to life! My friend Claire Edmondson is a brilliant director in Toronto and we hope to start working together real soon.

Are there concrete plans for a full album?

Oh ya! I've written it all, it's just a matter of timing. When we can find proper time and money to disappear to the studio we'll make it happen.

Is there a title / cover design already worked out?

Not yet, titles are the hardest part! Cover design is much more fun but we are a while away from beginning the process.

Will you be touring throughout 2012?

Yes, working on another European tour in December and a cross-Canada tour in the very near future!

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