With five collections already to his credit, self-taught photographer Dave Naz has gained a reputation for his erotic work. From his first book, Lust Circus, to L.A. Bondage, he's also gone on to shoot adult films like L.A. Lust, with very unique soundtracks. Naz has also had his work published in an array of magazines, from GQ to Stern.De and in international collections like The New Erotic Photography (Taschen, 2007). Living in the foothills in Southern California with his wife, Oriana, who also models for his erotic work – his use of uniquely Californian settings, the suburban, abundant sunniness and minimalism is notable.

Q: Who or what drew you to work with erotic photography?
Larry Clark, Diane Arbus and Nan Goldin got me interested in photography. 

Q: How do you see your early photo collection Lust Circus and how your imagery has changed over time?
The Lust Circus book is a collection of my first erotic work. The colours or more vibrant and the models have more makeup on. I didn't have a name yet and knew I would attract models to shoot for me if the photos had that look. After Lust Circus, I went the other direction and made the models look natural and the colours muted.

Q: Why did you choose to have your models look more natural?
I like it. That's the way I like to see them. It doesn't work for all models.

Q: Aside from makeup, what do you think about the idea of natural beauty?
I like to shoot some models with no makeup. Although, most of the publications I shoot for don't allow it, so I just do it in my personal work.

davenaz_lustcircus_inset.jpgQ: Are there qualities you seek in models beyond their surfaces?
Just when I'm shooting my wife, Oriana.

Q: You knew it’d be different with her from the start?
Our first year together we didn't do much shooting.
Q: As you’re also open about ex-partners like Barbara modelling a lot for you, what do you make of the concept of the muse in your work?
It opens up something that can't be done when working with the usual model. My new book: Love Anal Sex (coming out this summer on Edition Reuss) is a series I shot of Oriana and several different guys. It took three years to make.

Q: What do you think of your series involving girls in panties?
It was fun to shoot. I'm a big fan of full-bottom panties.

Q: What do you think of depicting some girls in cotton panties with playful qualities like Hello Kitty, as opposed to more refined lingerie?
I like both, but I could do without the Hello Kitty.

Q: When working with a range of panties with different prints, what would you wish to put in the design of ideal panties?
I'm not into designs on panties. I like solid colours.

Q: Are you drawn to certain types of women's apparel?

Stockings, pantyhose, girdles.

Q: What do you think of how the structure of girdles fits with current erotic imagery that tends to overexpose?
I don't see a lot of girdles in erotic imagery made in the last 30 years except in Eric Kroll's work. I'd like to see more of it. My favourite are the photos of Elmer Batters.

Q: With the items you’re mentioning, are you interested in how seductive clothing of old becomes new again?
Stockings, pantyhose and girdles never get old. I love the look.

Q: How do you see your Legs collection?
From the ground up. I love leg poses and leg wear. You really get to see how flexible a model is.

Q: Are you interested in how imagery fetishizing this body part is changing with the growth of porn?
Leg fetishists will always be out there, but porn is done growing for the moment. It's just about dead (except for the free stuff on the Internet).

Q: Much of your imagery involves whole bodies. Are you partial to the appearances of any particular parts of the female body?
The leg shots usually show the full body. I am partial to the butt (especially when they shake).

davenaz_inset.jpgQ: What do you think of moving from erotic photography to adult videos?
I like both, but photography is my passion.

Q: How do you find directing porn work differs from your photo practice?
It's totally different and more involved. On a photo shoot there is usually just the makeup artist, model and myself. On a video shoot there can be 13 people at a time.

Q: You were a punk musician in the past. How do you think punk-rock elements appear in your work, for example, with your latest Turbo Rock?
In the movies I've directed, I try and make the soundtrack strong. For example, in Circa '82 (Circle Jerks), Sugar Town (The Dirtbombs), Skater Girl Fever (Dwarves), Turbo Rock (The Meatmen), Fuck Me Indie Ass (the Lamps).

Q: Your approach seems different from general porn soundtracks. Are you interested in what songs can be associated with sex generally?
Most of the songs I use don't fit into your typical porn movie and can prove to be challenging to the editor. I think this is a good thing. It makes the movie stand out.

Q: What do you think of working with April Flores who’s more amply beautiful then a lot of porn performers?
April is awesome. She has done a lot for BBW modelling and is a great friend.

Q: How do you think your interest in shooting boi-butch, trans impacts your photography that is mostly associated with feminine models?
It broadens it. I'm loving the way that series is coming along. It is in the early stages. I've met some really cool people shooting it. Jiz Lee is awesome and I finally shot my friend Buck Angel after 10 years.

Q: How do you find working with Oriana/Ashley Blue on your videos affects your marriage to her?
It doesn't affect our marriage. We love working together on projects.

Q: I like the images you took of Oriana making unusual faces. Are you interested in how sexual artists are displaying aspects of their realities, communities off the porn set?
Oriana is very real and it shows in photos of her and her writing (she has a book coming out this December: Girlvert). It's rare because so many people worry about how their every move is perceived.

Q: Do you have another erotic photo collection in the works?
Love Anal Sex (Edition Reuss), to be released in September in Europe and in the U.S., it will be out in December.

Q: Do you figure you'll continue to work with sexualized imagery?
Yes. I love it.
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image hotness in the heat
thanks for the link to this lust photographer...
Loved your interview with Dave Naz. He and I share a lot of similar erotic iconographic interests. You did a great job of extracting the thoughts and drives behind his photos
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