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BY: Daniela Andrews

In the world of dating, men have always had it rough. Figuring out when to call, how to approach, if she’s interested, if she’s good in bed, if the buddies will approve, whether or not she’s parent worthy, and on and on it goes. These days, with the added pressures of online dating, social media and instant Google searches, it hasn’t become any easier. There’s a whole new world of landmines and lessons that need to be navigated, but don’t worry, help is on the way.

In a new three-part series, you’ll learn how to position yourself in the online arena to make a good first impression, what to do once you’ve landed that first date, and how to make your place female-friendly, once you’re ready to bring a girl home. Up first, how to set up your online dating profile so that you don’t look like a total skeeze.

If you have any experience with women, you know that we can be a tad over-analytical (trust me, Harvard Sailing Team is only skimming the surface), so when it comes to making an online profile, remember, it’s all in the details.

Things to avoid: Sending messages that sound like a form letter (insert girl’s name here). Sending messages with poor grammar and spelling errors. Sending messages with sexually suggestive content (unless you’re looking for the kind of girl who you most definitely will not bring home to mom and dad). Pictures where you’re doing any of the following – taking an obvious self-portrait with your camera phone in the mirror, posing in front of your car, posing with other girls (no, we’re not cool with it, even if it’s your sister), posing coyly over your shoulder with a suggestive glance back to the camera (you’re not J Lo). And the biggest deal breaker of all, never end a message with “Please message me back. I’d like to show you that I’m a normal fun guy.” Ummm, no thanks.

Things to do: Keep your profile light and humorous (no complaining about your exes, save that for late night beers with your buddies). Let your personality come through and be specific –one of the best profiles I ever saw had a playlist of the guy’s favourite tunes. It gave me insight into what he was like and was intriguing enough that I messaged him to ask him out. Post flattering pictures of yourself (this one should be obvious, but if you’re not sure, ask a friend - preferably one with breasts). When you send a message, compliment the girl on something specific from her profile. Be direct, sincere and friendly. Ask a question or two that will keep the conversation going. And last, but not least, if you get a reply, be responsive, respectful and secure a date – there’s nothing women love more than a man who takes charge.

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