Erin Rose Elizabeth English is tinier than you might imagine, but with a larger-than-life personality. “I’m very much a Scorpio,” she says. I suggest that she’s gentler than most Scorpios. “Well, there’s a line for me,” she explains. “Also, you’ve never done anything bad to me.” True. But I’d rather meet her in a dark alley than fellow Scorpios George S. Patton, Joseph McCarthy, Ike Turner or Lou Ferrigno.  

English appears in this TORO Woman feature as the second leg of our Los Cabos Winter Swimsuit Series – Sara Balint having graced part one back on January 11.

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Video: Behind the scenes

She grew up in Timmins, Ontario, and the person that she most admires grew up there too: Shania Twain. She is impressed by “what Twain went through and overcame.” Also, how she managed to stay off the radar and not misuse fame the way some others have. Interestingly, English plans to become famous. How? Through acting, modelling and dancing. Where will this happen? Hopefully in Los Angeles.

English has a girlfriend who has already been down there and tried to make a go of it as an actress. But she had to come back to Toronto to “clear her head.” She got caught up in the L.A. scene and so came back to put herself together. What happened to her friend? “Well, just a lot of bad things; getting involved with the wrong people. She ended up being there for the wrong reasons. Whatever.” That said, English remains positive. “I want to get out of Toronto and move somewhere warm. L.A. looks good to me right now.”

English studied dance her entire life – ballet, jazz, hip hop, you name it. She even went to ballet school to become a teacher but it wasn’t for her. She works every Saturday as a go-go dancer at a nightclub in downtown Toronto. Veronika London, a former TORO Woman, works alongside her (fact: both Goldie Hawn and Kiera Knightly worked as go-go dancers before becoming movie stars). Dancing aside, English primarily makes her living as a glamour and promotions model, while landing small acting parts as well. In her spare time, she studies acting and goes to auditions.

Keeping intensely focused and motivated is the key to everything, she says.

What is her present state of mind? “Sort of scrambly,” she laughs. Her greatest extravagance? Eating. She also loves travel. She says, “I’d love to see the world before there’s nothing left to see.” English deplores people who use other people “just to get ahead.” When she reflects on her own failings, she admits she can get angry pretty fast. “People tell me that I’m very spunky.” It is, perhaps, her most defining characteristic. And what of her motto? Is there a snappy proverb or catchphrase or proverb that guides her through this journey? She shakes her head. “No,” she says. “It’s a work in progress.”  

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