Things are great for Laura Vandervoort – other than the fact that her car has just been broken into for the third straight time. And it’s an unexceptional car, she says. Nothing of value in it at all. Odd. Especially with so many good things percolating in her career. She has starring roles in several high profile sci-fi series – V premiering on ABC at the end of March and Riverworld making its debut on the SyFy network mid-April.

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Both series are fairly high concept. V revolves around the apparently friendly visit of aliens to Earth while Riverworld envisions all of humanity reborn on an Earth-like planet that consists of one staggeringly long river valley – a place where individuals simply cannot die, as each death results in an instantaneous resurrection somewhere else in that world.

It would be impossible not to ask her whether she believes in reincarnation.

“I believe in reincarnation – which is very close to the Riverworld idea of being reborn over and over again on the same planet," says Vandervoort. "I felt passionate about the idea behind this film because I hate to think that when you go, that’s that. You’ll never see anyone you love anymore. So it spoke to what I believe in.”

Of course, once this door is opened, it must be fully stepped through. As per V, does she think there are any sentient beings out there in the seemingly infinite glittering cosmos?

“I do believe that there are other life forms out there. There’s so much space out there that there has to be more than just us. And most of the cast believe that as well. I mean, I’ve never had any direct experience,” she says with a laugh.

Much closer to Earth, Vandervoort gives a star turn in the feature-film Damages – a gritty look at the world of underground fight clubs. With the recent DVD, she reflects on acting alongside “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, a man best known for over-the-top theatricality in the wrestling ring.

“I didn’t know what to expect," says Vandervoort. "Just that he was this scary, big wrestler. But he’s the kindest, sweetest man I’ve maybe ever met. Which was shocking, as he’s such a big guy and he looks so tough.”

As for his acting chops?

“He really gave a performance that I thought was great," she says. "Especially when you think that his wrestling persona is so over the top. But he really gave an understated performance. So he started his acting career on a great note, I think.”

Vandervoort should know about acting careers, as she is on a roll with hers – from the wounded angel of Damages to the curiously sympathetic alien of V (curious because – spoiler alert! – she’s really an intergalactic lizard under the beautiful shell). And then there’s also the newly reborn Jessie of Riverworld, searching for her dead-yet-still-alive (and also happily reborn) fiance.  

Vandervoort brings an engaging balance to all her characterizations: she seems like a real woman in even the most outlandish circumstances, and in the grittiest of films, she lends an ethereal beauty and tenderness. What more could any guy, or alien life form, want?

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great article. its Damage, not Damages. We love Laura!
great article. its Damage, not Damages. We love Laura!
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