FRIDAY JULY 21, 2017

The New England Patriots (+700) are like a restored car in with a brand new engine. They look fantastic but had a few problems under the hood through the first few weeks. The biggest problem facing that team was obviously the absence of Tom Brady due to his four game Deflategate suspension. With their star slinger back though, that slicked up ride has absolutely everything going for it and is ready to fire on all cylinders in week five.

The team will resume their Super Bowl hunt this weekend with a trip to Cleveland. This game follows a shutout loss to the Buffalo Bills in week four which should be taken with a grain of salt. While it was the Bills, it was a game where New England was starting their third string rookie quarterback. Once again though the order has been restored and the team’s starting pivot will make his triumphant return. This week's review of sportsbook odds shows a consensus that favors the Patriots. Brady is back, and the Browns are in big trouble.

Now that we’ve talked about the Pats, let’s touch on their closest AFC competitor – the Pittsburgh Steelers (+700). In week five, Pittsburgh will battle the lowly New York Jets. A team led by quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and his nine interceptions in two games. They’re off to a rough start and the Steelers will be looking to build on their week four Monday Night Football momentum.

The yellow and black dropped the Kansas City Chiefs with ease 43-13. Le’Veon Bell made his return from suspension and looked like he never left posting 144 yards. With both the Pats and Steelers looking hot out of the gates and now each welcoming back arguably their biggest offensive starts, there’s really nowhere to go but up for both of these teams.

Meanwhile, in the NFC, the best bet right now to take on the Pats or Pitt are the Green Bay Packers (+800). The Pack have had some ups and downs but have looked very consistent so far. Aaron Rodgers has replicated that classic Discount Double Check Aaron Rodgers of old. His scrambling, patience and accuracy have been on-point and if he can keep it up, the Pack should return to the battle for the Lombardi.

Either way you slice it - with the bar set so low after last year’s snoozer in San Francisco - Super Bowl 51 (aka LI) should be an instant classic.

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