Odell Beckham’s confidence is palpable right now. He seemed very certain of himself when he spoke on the ESPN set about the future of the Giants. Then again, this was after the Giants’ victory over the Bengals on Monday Night, and anyone else would have been confident after a 21-20 win. The latest Super Bowl odds do not stray that far from Odell’s own opinions.

He has chosen to look to the future, beyond the next few games. For Odell, the team’s goal should be February 5 in Houston. That is where they are heading and that is all that Odell seems to care about. And it is a worthy goal for a team that is performing as well as the Giants.

Then again, maybe Odell isn’t nearly as confident as he claims. After all, he has been saying similar things for the past two or three years. Then again, that only proves that he knows what he wants and he has been willing to pursue it all these years.

Odell’s confidence seems to emanate from his team’s defensive capabilities. He went so far as to call it a Super Bowl Defense. And he was intelligent enough to admit that their offense still needed a bit of work to come together.

The Giants are going to become a buzzword in the next few weeks, and Football fans will probably talk about them so much more than they have since the season began. This is especially true now that they are going into the soft part of the schedule. They will be taking on the Bears at home next Weekend.

And shortly after that will be their match against the Browns in Cleveland. They have the potential to enjoy the same fame and energy that vaulted the Eagles into headlines. Though, of course, they still need to perform well enough to warrant the attention. Their 6-3 record could just as easily dip if they are not careful. 

If they can improve it to an impressive 8-3, they can go into their rematch with the Cowboys with far more confidence than they might have now. It would certainly make for a more interesting rematch.

The Giants, to their credit, haven’t really disappointed. They have remained consistent all year. The few injuries they have encountered along the way have definitely stumbled them more than they would like to admit, especially at positions like the offensive line and running back.

But they have managed to hold on against dangerous odds. The Bengals were hungry enough for a win that they nearly put the Giants down; however, the Giants’ defense held on and that can be imputed, at least partially, to Odell’s efforts. 

And now Odell has turned his sights on the Super Bowl. The Giants haven’t been to the playoffs since 2011. They definitely have what it takes to make a return, though it is a little too early to guarantee them a spot. 

Anything could happen in the next few weeks to upset Odell’s goals. Odell’s hunger for the Playoffs just might be the driving factor that keeps the Giants on the path to success. 

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