When Barcelona lost 4-0 to PSG in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16, most people considered that to be it for Barcelona’s chances in Europe's elite competition. However, anyone who knows anything about football would never rule out the possibility of a team that included the world beating strike force of Messi, Suarez and Neymar to score four goals.

The result was already decided by many before the game kicked off – Barcelona had no chance, or did they? The latest Champions League odds before the game held them at as far out as 200-1 to overcome a PSG team that had outclassed them in the first leg. But the wonderful thing about football is that there is nearly always a chance, no matter how high the odds are.

Barcelona played like a team possessed, they closed down every ball and made life extremely hard for PSG. The PSG team knew that if they just kept them at bay, they were all but through to the next round. Barcelona had other ideas and just three minutes in, Luis Suarez put the ball in the back of the PSG net. They still had to score three just to go level but if PSG then scored, the task would be even harder, most would say impossible.

The next 30 minutes went by and Barcelona had failed to add to that early momentum but still they worked, they harried, and they were ready to capitalise on any chance that fell their way. Shortly before half time, a further Barcelona goal went in, this time through a PSG own goal. This was just enough for the Spanish team to feel that the task was not impossible. They had a real fighting chance going into the second half. Score two and concede none to get the chance to draw level with their French opponents.

The crowd at the Nou Camp started to feel that something magical could happen. The talents of this team are renowned across the world and if anyone could do it, you sensed that this team could. When the referee pointed to the spot for a Barcelona penalty, there was a feeling that this was it now, they could score 4 and take it to extra time, or with 30 minutes to go, you could easily see them scoring 5 in total.

Messi hammered the ball home and the crowd erupted again. The fairytale finale was on course. That was until in the 62nd minute Cavani got what they must have thought was the priceless away goal. All of Barcelona’s efforts were for nothing it would seem. The clock was ticking down and with 5 minutes to go, not even the most optimistic of Barcelona fans could dream their team would score the 3 goals required.

But in a string of events that will go down in history as probably the best ever comeback, Neymar added 2 more before, well into stoppage time, Roberto scored with what was close to the final touch of the ball. Absolutely unbelievable scenes as the whistle went and a shocked PSG team were left to wonder what had just happened.

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