As you know, Formula 1 is one of the most attractive sport for bettors. If you are a fan of this sport, the first thing to do is download betting apps and do your best bets.

This year the duel is open between Ferrari and Mercedes GP. Vettel and Hamilton are in fight for the first place in the classific. Bottas and Ricciardo too, but there is so many points between them and Vettel who has the first place in this moment.

If Formula 1 is one of the most popular sport all around the world, this means that so many sites offer the possibility to do a bet on it. With betting apps you can bet when you want and you can do it from you mobile device too. The range of possibilities is wide: you can choice your favourite for the driver's World Championship or, for example, you favourite for the Constructors' Championship and do a bet.

Which company will win this year? Which driver? Mercedes or Ferrari: you have to choose and place a bet on it. But it is not enough, because you can choose to bet something different every race. You can also bet on some specific events. There are some sites and apps that make possible to bet on Nico Rosberg's early retirement or on the fact that Max Verstappen can become the youngest ever Formula One world Champion. You can place a bet choosing the team that will do better in a single grand-prix, you can bet on the driver that will retire first and so on.

Interéssant, isn't it?

You know that every site and every app give a different possibility to player. Each of them has different quotation and a player has to choice the site, or app, that prefers. If you have a favourite site or an app that you use mostly, then you have to see if the quotation is the best possible. Of course, pay attention: every site or app on which you but must be safe and legal. Betting must be a pleasure, a game: everything must be safe. The first thing to do, especially if you bet money, is to control the legality of the site. Is it authorized and licensed? If the answer is positive, so you can bet and play. If the answer is negative, as usual, you have to change app or site, choosing another one better and safer.

You have a wide choice and, for that reason, you can choose the best site for your app. Which is the quotation that you prefer or the event on which you want to bet? Answering to these simple answers , you can find the best place to bet. Formula 1 is very fascinating and we are sure you will like very much to follow, one after the other, all the races and try to figure out who wins, who loses and so on. In this case, have a favourite app on which you can bet is the best thing to do.

We have to underline that betting odds of F1 change race after race. Of course, Vettel and Hamilton are the favorites for the final win and, therefore, all bookmakers guarantee low odds in the event of a win. The situation changes for pilots who, at the moment, seem far from the title: if one of them will win the championship, the amount of the win will be important! For example, looking to Verstappen and Raikkonen, however unqualified about a possible final success, we see that odds are around 501.

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