Next Sunday as Eli Manning and the Giants face off against Tom Brady and the Patriots for football supremacy, millions will gather in celebration. And let’s be honest, at a lot of those gatherings, the women aren’t going to be finely tuned to the gridiron.

But how to keep your woman engaged so that you can enjoy every down and every last replay? Well, you might encourage them to log on to While The Men Watch to follow a live chat with other sports widows, led by Lena Sutherland (above, right) and Jules Mancuso (left).

There, the two friends and business partners behind will share insights and observations as only ladies can do. How do we mean? As a Super Bowl primer, they offer a list of “10 Things Every Woman Should Know.” Touch points like you’ll see more coaches than Kardashians or that being a kicker is a sweet gig that doesn’t involve “any of that running, catching or tackling.” And they happily admit they're more excited about the prospect of seeing Madonna perform at halftime than actually watching football.

How did it all get started?

“It’s something that happened organically,” says Sutherland, also an Emmy-award winning producer. “Myself and my partner Jules, we grew up in Toronto together and we’ve been friends for 20 years and we both happen to be married to men who are addicted to sports. And so even though we live in different cities, we talk, pretty much every day.

“And on one particular afternoon, we were commiserating while both of our husbands were watching the same football game on TV and we just started making our own observations about what we were seeing, the coaches, the players, what they were wearing, minutiae that had nothing to do with the game.”

Their respective husbands were laughing at their commentary, but it did spawn the idea: wouldn't it be great to hear a game broadcast from a woman's point of view. From there the experiment began and by their third show, they had 2,000 women listening and interacting through a live chat.

Their audience has grown exponentially since then, getting a boost with every playoff season — naturally. They're expecting another spike on Sunday.

lenaandjules.jpg"We got a lot of attention during the Stanley Cup final," says Sutherland. "We had women all over Canada and the United States chatting with us. We travelled to Vancouver for some of the final games of the series and just really had a great time. And we had so many women tell us it was the first time they ever sat through an entire hockey game. For us, it certainly was."

So if your signficant other seems to be losing interest after eight-plus hours of pre-game coverage, consider having them log on to While The Men Watch. They might be curious to see who Sutherland and Mancuso have singled out as their boyfriend of the game – a little element that helps add a vested interest in the outcome.

And, of course, there’s always a little game they call “Would You Rather...”

“We’ll say something like, ’would you rather watch a football game with overtime by yourself or would you rather watch your favourite movie sitting on the couch next to your boss?” explains Sutherland.

There was one question they put to their male audience (yes, they do have a male following) and the results surprised them.

"We asked, 'Would you rather see your team win the Super Bowl or would you rather see your wildest sex fantasy come true?' And all the men say win the Super Bowl. We were pretty surprised about that."

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